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Why is theatre education important? 

Studying drama at the elementary, middle and high school level helps students improve in a wide range of areas, such as self-confidence, self-esteem, self-expression, communication, collaboration, interpersonal skills, aesthetic awareness and, last but not least, imagination.


Why You Should Attend On Stage Youth Theater Workshops!

Classes are designed to be age-appropriate, and to benefit and challenge students no matter their experience level.  Students learn to hone their imagination and creativity through theater games, arts and crafts, and rehearsing for a show -- all while having fun and gaining self-confidence.  No two class sessions will be exactly alike, so students may choose to participate more than once.​  All workshops end with a performance for friends and family to see!  
(No flash photography allowed, but families may video performances.)

Goal: provide fun exposure to the arts through theater

Offered: fall, spring, & summer

Ages:  5-18


Structure:  school-year workshops are held on 5 consecutive Saturdays
summer is a one-week event each day students learn techniques in Dance,
Vocal Music, and Acting through games and activities  students work toward
a performance at the end of the workshop


Opportunities: acting, singing, choreography, crew 


  • helps shy kids become comfortable in groups 

  • gives creative outlet for high-energy kids

  • provides practical public speaking skills

  • introduces kids to the basics of theater

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