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Accessibility at On Stage 

On Stage believes in equal opportunity and is committed to providing an inclusive environment that allows all people the opportunity to participate in and enjoy live theatre. We believe that everyone should have equal access to the arts in our community, and we strive to meet the needs of every patron. The limitations imposed upon us by our historic building design mean we cannot provide all the services we would like at this time, but we are continuing to work on methods to better serve patrons with all manner of disabilities and special needs.


As an organization, we respect and uphold the requirements set forth under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and its associated regulations, and strive to meet the needs of individuals with disabilities in a timely and effective manner.


On Stage is proud to offer an exciting opportunity for our deaf and hard of hearing patrons to watch our shows in a whole new way! Starting with our new 2022-2023 season, one performance will be offered in both English & American Sign Language on the first Saturday of our performance run. This will continue with each of our regular season productions.

Our ASL signer is located on the stage for patrons who are deaf or hard of hearing, seated in an area of the theater that gives the best sight lines to follow the signing and the action on stage. To access seating for a signed performance, please reserve your tickets early to secure your seats.

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