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-Directed by Laura Griffin and Vicki Wrobel


Princess Nara can not get to sleep, despite the best efforts of the moon, her chamberlain, cook, and even her mirror. An amusing cast of traditional fairy tale characters are brought to life by our On Stage young actors (ages 12 to 18). Join them as they search for a remedy to the weary princess’ sleeplessness. Who will deliver the damsel from her dilemma?


On Stage Playhouse will hold additional auditions 
Saturday, December the 4th from 3-5pm
Wednesday, December the 8th from 6-8pm 

at the On Stage Playhouse

215 High School Ave., Monroe, GA.



ALL cast and crew for this production must be fully vaccinated to audition and perform.  Actors will be REQUIRED TO WEAR A FACE MASK properly covering their nose and mouth.  

Due to the limited space backstage of the playhouse, social distancing will be impossible, and therefore the Board of Directors has determined this is the best option to protect our members and productions.


We define a “fully vaccinated” individual as one who has received their second shot of the Pfizer or Moderna vaccines or a single shot of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine and has received the final shot at least 14 days before the first rehearsal.  Click here to see the Covid-19 Policy for Goodnight, Princess.


Please come any time during the audition dates and times.  Actors MUST wear a mask to enter and have proof of vaccination.  Social distancing will be enforced.  Auditions will last about 30 minutes.  Please bring the completed Audition Form (linked below).  


There will be cold readings from the script. 

Please also be prepared to tell a joke.  


*Bring your calendars and be prepared to note any rehearsal conflicts from the information below.    



Our first read through/parent meeting will be Saturday, December 11th.  Rehearsals will generally be Monday and Wednesday evenings from 7-9pm, and Saturdays from 11-1 pm depending on cast availability.  A more specific rehearsal schedule will be available at the first read through.  No absences allowed during tech weeks, January 17-26, and during performances.  



Evening Performances:  January 27th, 28th, 29th, 2022

Matinee Performance: January 30th, 2022

All show patrons will be required to wear a face mask during the entire performance so that we may fill the playhouse to capacity.  NO EXCEPTIONS. 

We want our On Stage Family to enjoy the show and to be safe!  




NOTE:  Actors are required to be 12 -18 years of age.  

Main Cast

NARA: A princess who can’t sleep.

CHAMBERLAIN: Lead royal assistant to NARA.

MIRROR: Magical person inside mirror who likes to tell jokes to NARA.

COOK: Prepares food for NARA.

MOON: Sits outside the window trying to sing NARA to sleep.


Supporting Cast

*ROSE: Sleeping Beauty

*BAD: Bad fairy who made the spell that cursed ROSE.

*GOOD: Good fairy who turned the curse of ROSE into a sleeping spell.

*RED: Red Riding Hood

*WOLF: A wolf dressed as RED’s grandma

*BOY: A boy who cries “wolf!”

*SHEEP: Several dancing sheep that NARA tries to count to fall asleep

*ALICE: Of Wonderland

*MAD HATTER: Crazy person who serves pretend tea.

*QUEEN OF HEARTS: Wants to cut off NARA’s head.

*PEA: Princess who looks for a pea or something else that might be keeping NARA awake.

*GOLDILOCKS: A light haired girl who wants to find something that is just right.

*PAPA BEAR: The father bear.

*MAMA BEAR: The mother bear.

*BABY BEAR: The baby bear.

*ANIMALS: Several cute critters who come to help SNOW clean.

*SNOW: Snow White

*RAVENNA: The Evil Queen who shares poison fruit.

*RIP: A wise old person named Rip Van Winkle.



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